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Chhattisgarh farmers' interests will be protected: Dr.Raman Singh : Kanhar dam construction on Uttar Pradesh border
 Posted on 30/04/2015

     Raipur, 30 April 2015

Chief Minister Dr.Raman Singh has assured the farmers of Chhattisgarh that the  proposed construction of an Irrigation dam by the  Uttar Pradesh Government on river Kanhar at village Amvaar will not be allowed to harm the interests of farmers. He said rural citizens will be protected at any cost. Chhattisgarh Chief Secretary Mr.Vivek Dhand wrote a letter on behalf of the Chhattisgarh State Government to the Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Mr.Alok Ranjan.

Mr.Dhand in his letter mentioned that as per the agreement a detailed survey has to be conducted of the villages that are likely to be marooned and compensation has to be paid , till then the construction of Kanhar dam should be stopped.

According to the survey of the Uttar Pradesh  Government, four villages will be affected by the Project in Balrampur-Ramanujganj districts. The four villages are-Jhaara, Kushfar, Semruva and Trishuli.  According to survey conducted by The Survey Of India, 263.40 hectare land is estimated to be affected, 86 hectare Revenue land, 56.40 hectare private land and 121 hectare forest land.

Mr.Dhand said in his letter that the Uttar Pradesh State Government had not sent new survey proposal to the Surguja Collector (Chhattisgarh). Mr.Dhand revealed that Rs 40 lakh had been set apart by the Uttar Pradesh Government on 28 January 2015 for a new survey. Survey has been started also. Work is in progress on F.R.L. and F.T.L. lines survey and the villages likely to be submerged by the dam. After the work on survey is completed ,  land will be acquired, rehabilitation process and Forest Land issue will be resolved as per the Central Forest Protection Act 1980. Public views also will be taken into account.

Chhattisgarh always viewed the issue as per National perspective but the Uttar Pradesh State Government carried on the construction work in a hurried manner ignoring the interests of Chhattisgarh farmers and villagers. The construction of dam on Kanhar river should be stopped immediately till the issues are resolved.