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 Posted on 11/10/2015

Raipur, 11 October 2015

Raman Ke Goth, a new innovative Radio Talk Show has been started by the government of Chhattisgarh in which Dr. Raman Singh, Chief Ministers speaks with the people of the state. The second episode under this programme series was broadcasted today. This programme is scheduled to be held on every second Sunday of the Month. This worth appreciating exercise has attained its own listeners cliental which was reflected in the news reporting of the first episode broadcasted on 13th September.

The Chief Minister seems to be very much attached with the fairs, festivals and ritual observances in Chhattisgarh. This are evident from his deliberations in the episodes of “Raman Ke Goth” broadcasted so far. As in his first episode of broadcast, the CM again extended his greetings to the people of state for the coming festivals. Going down the memory lane Dr. Singh made elaboration on the rituals being observed in Pitar-Pakh, the fortnight for forefathers worship in Chhattisgarh.He spoke in details that the Pitars are invited in respective hose for a fortnight . The fist day of Pitar pakh is called Pitar Baithaka. Theentrance and Oriya of the houses are cleanes, sweaped with cowdung and flowers are offered on them. Dr. Singh also mentioned that for this fortnight, the traditional Chhattisgarhi cuisins like Bara, Babra, and Sohari are specialy offered as food to the pitars. Remembering the great children of Mother Chhattisgarh, who have made immense contribution for this land, he  paid tribute to them, by saying ‘ main o jammo jhan ke paanv parat hav’ to these great persons of Chhattisgarh.

Raman Singh made a detailed mention of the Navaratri and Dassara festival including the Bastar Dassara, and extended his greetings. While saying that from two day after today the people of the state shall be celebrating Navratri for nine days by worshing Maa Durga with jot , jawara and mata sewa.He categorically emphasized that Chhattisgarh is an worshiper of Shakti, which is evident from the shrines of Maa Durga ,in various names throughout the state. The worship of Shakti has made the people of Chhattisgarh simple natured, honest but beholder of self pride. Dr. Singh made mention of his childhood memory and shred with the listeners that how he used to go with his father for Ravan Dahan dressed in new clothing and shoes.

 Mentioning the 75 day long Bastar Dassara as the longest duration festival in the world, he said that dassara is not just a festival based on religious or mythological belief, it is also a celebration of the victory of good over the evil. He further appealed to the people of the state that let us all resolve for creation of a Chhattisgarh, as a land of prosperity, peace, love, brotherhood, and affection for one and all.


Based on the letters received from the listeners from various parts of the state, the Chief Minister prepared the first segment of this talk show, in which he extended his gratitude to the listeners and gave reply of couple of selected letters from them. Speaking on the letter received from Shri Kamlesh Singh from Ambikapur, the C M replied that his government has sent proposal to the Government of India for laying railway line from Ambikapur to Baruadih in Jharkhand. He also made mention of the development of road infrastructure in Sarguja with special mention of National Highway 78. The C M informed that this NH between Katni to Gumla will run for 353 kilometers in Chhattisgarh, He also said that Rs 105 Crores have been received for work for road between Ambikapur to Jashpur.

Replying to letter received from Shri Dinesh Verma from Charama, Dr, Singh expressed his pleasure that Dinesh ji has expressed concern for the safety of archaeological heritage in Kanker district. The C M said that government is aware about the pre- historic rock paintings made by the cave dwellers more than ten thousands back, are present in deep and remote forests of Kanker, the Directorate of Archaeology of the state has been instructed for initiating necessary action in this regard,. He further added that the government is carrying out efforts for safeguard and conservation of the archaeological wealth spread throughout the state, but this could be achieved better if the people show their awareness and contribute for this.

Replying to the questions of the compeer, the CM gave information on a few schemes launched for the welfare of the people of state, Under this one of the important information was related to the situation of drought in the state, He said that 93 tehsils in the state have been declared Drought Effected Tehsils, in which recovery of the revenue has been stopped till further orders, farmers will be given diesel grant up to a maximum of 4000 rupees, Rs 22 Crore 68 Lakhs Has been approved for providing electric connections to the farmers. He also assured the people of the state that elaborate arrangement have been made to tackle the situation arising due to scanty rain this year in the state. Employment generating schemes would be opened throughout the state that people earn for their livelihood in his close proximity, and no one has to migrate to other place for employment, and also that no situation of starvation will   arise in the state because the government has made arrangement for this purpose also.

Chief Minister also mentioned about Pradhan Mantri Mudra Bank Yojana, and explained that through this scheme small venders will also be benefitted who can get loan from 50 thousand tom 10 lakh rupees, for which otherwise petty businessman were compelled to raise loan from open market on very high interest rate. He further informed that mega credit camps were organized on 2nd October at different places in the state. Under this scheme a target of giving loan of 1307 Crore rupees to more than 3 lakh 60 thousand people in duration of coming 6 months has been fixed.

the Chief Minister informed the people of the state that health and education occupy his top priorities. Only healthy children can make a healthy state. Emphasizing upon the slogan "Healthy Chhattisgarh-Clean India", the state has initiated the National Child Programme.

He also informed the people of the state the Chhattisgarh is among the top six states in implementation of National Cleanliness Scheme in the country. Dr. Singh also announced that 31st October, the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel will he celebrated as Shakti Divas , the Village Panchayat achieving the target of Free from defecation in open will be honored on this day on district level.

Speaking about implementation of Chirayu Scheme in the state the Chief Minister said that so far health check up of 56 lakh 87 thousand school children have been completed. Continuing on this matter he further informed that target of free health check up and required medication of to 60 lakh school children has been fixed for this year for which 292 mobile medical units have been provided to 146 development blocks of the state.

At the end of the talk show Dr. Singh informed that due to the situation of drought in the state the government has decided to avoid glittery and expensive celebration of the state foundation day this year, therefore the Rajyotsav will be organized for one day only in the capital where in only State Awards will be given . He remembered the beloved former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpeyi, and said that he gifted us this state, which made new remarkable achievements to march to the path of development. Dr. Singh extended his greetings on the 15th Anniversary of the state and prayed for happiness and prosperity of the state and the people.