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RAMAN KE GOTH : 10 January 2016
 Posted on 10/01/2016


The Chief minister of the state Dr Raman Singh spoke to the people of Chhattisgarh in his 5th broadcast of monthly radio program Raman Ke Goth from all the Radio stations of All India Radio in Chhattisgarh, and also on a couple of T V channels telecasting the state  At the beginning of his radio talk the C M greeted the people in  Sargujha and Halbi languages also along with Chhattisgarhi and Hindi. He said that he is overwhelmed with the response of the listeners from all corners of the state that they listen to his radio talk and have  also given him valuable suggestions through their letters sent to him as comment on Raman Ke Goth. 

The Chief Minister begun his radio talk by extending his wishes to the people on the occasion of Chher Chhera Punni falling on 24th day of this month  during which children roam in groups to the houses in the village by uttering the line “ chher chhera : mai kothi ke dhan her hera, and they are given token gift by the household. This festival symbolizes the completion of the harvest of paddy crop and as such this is the expression of joy of a good harvest. The Chief Minister also greeted the people on the occasion of  Makar Sankrati festival to be observed of 15th January  on which day people take dip in rivers and ponds as welcome of the god Sun from Dakhinayan to Uttarayan., and prepare and consume sweets like til laddu etc. Remembering Swami Vivekananda on his birth anniversary he paid his tribute to this great son of the country and proudly mentioned that Raipur was the place where Swami ji had lived for second longest duration after Kolkota, and coinciding with his birth anniversary this years National Youth Festival is being organised at Raipur from 12th to 16th Janury. He further said that swami Vivekanada is the symbol of Youth Empowerment and Dedication for the nation. In this 20th National Youth Festival six thousand young persons from all the states of India will participate and display their talent in various cultural performance of folk and classical traditions of the country, as also in elocution competition. Dr Singh desired that the youth of this state should intermingle with the participants of other parts of the country for exchange of ideas and knowledge and establishment of national brotherhood and solidarity Speaking about the mascot of the festival he said that it is a wild buffalo,  dresses like a tribal dancer. His name is Sangi which means friend, expressing the friendship with youth from all over the country. The logo depicts part of a machine as symbol for skill, and an ancient tribal musical instrument Turhi.

Speaking about certain other schemes Dr. Raman Singh said that the making of a healthy new generation is as important as are infrastructural developments like laying of rails, construction of schools, hospitals, roads etc. Looking after which the Anganvadis have been opened in the state where infants, children, pregnant mothers and teen age girls are provided with nutritious food. He informed that number of such Anganvadi have become 50 thousand from 21 thousands in last 10 years where now 25 lakh beneficiaries are getting care in comparison to 13 lakhs, 10 years back . The Chief Minister announced that a special Anganvadi Quality Improvement Drive will be carried out in the state from 4th to 13th January with involvement of ministers, secretaries, government officials of district, tehsil, block levels and peoples representatives etc. These centres are working for eradication of malnutrition from the society. In Chhattisgarh the percentage of malnutrition has been brought down to 32 against 52 in the last 12 years and we are working for bringing it down to 25 percent by the end of this year. He expressed his concern that the housewives bother for their children and family and largely do not pay care for their own health. Dr. Singh appealed to the women folk of the state that they are also required to remain healthy for a healthy family and the state.

The Chief Minister also spoke about the current drought situation and said to the farmers that the drought is a natural calamity and the people should face it patiently. In their struggle in this situation the government is standing with them. He said that117 tehsils of the state have been declared drought affected by the government where necessary arrangements have been initiated that the people do not face any hardship. As a welfare measure the number of days of employment has been increased to 200 days from 150 days under MNREGA with   which around 10 lakh people from 8 thousand village panchayat are getting benefit. He further informed that as part of relief to the farmers of drought affected areas compensation of Rs. 6800 @ per hectare in the non irrigated areas with more than 33 % damage to the crop shall be given, where as this amount will be Rs. 13500 per hectare in the irrigated areas.. He assured the farmers that he has already given instructions to pay this amount by the end of this month.

Dr. Raman Singh shared his sentiments and said, that in the situation of the current drought the social and family responsibilities cannot be ignored, as such the amount given under Mukhya Mantri Kanyadan Yojana has been increased to 30 thousands against 15 thousands earlier, so that the wedding of marriageable daughters are not needed to be postponed for drought..He also informed that government has taken a new initiative to come closer to the farmers to know about their problems and grievances and their redressel, for which Kisan Mitra Kendra have been opened at district level where farmers could also contact over telephone, and now as a new arrangement Kisan Sangwari Kendra are being opened at village panchayat level for the easier approach of the farmers,

Dr. Singh also extended his greetings to the people of the state on the occasion 66th Republic Day and reassured the people about his commitment for aa over development , happiness and prosperity of the state and the people.  he spoke that he is overwhelmed with the response of the list who have also given them valuable suggestions Hindi letters there right to him response to this program is the beginning of his radio talk the Chief Minister yesterday and his wishes for the festivals Bengal job by the people in this month he spoke about the annual festival is symbol of completion of the harvesting of paddy crop he described have children romantic Rose from home to house to house and village and I'll give an used in return by the household also says on the occasion of Teej festival Makar Sankranti the Republic Day the day new year is it time when people take decisions to Akon new part is joining this she says that this year state will be celebrating you today off the birthday of Swami Vivekananda on 12 January from which day you find a National Youth festival is being organised in Chhattisgarh place for the second longest duration after Kolkata chatisgarh was a place where you stayed for over 2 years there for celebrating National Youth Festival at Raipur is a beautiful thing reply to lip Swamiji give details about the National Youth Festival in which 6000 Youth from all over country will be participating and take parthenon 18 compositions of cultural nature which includes folk songs folk dances drama classical dance forms and classical singing orchestration at set alarm skill on playing tabla harmonium guitar Sitar Veena within Gam flute at cetera location competition theme of National Youth Festival strong is use skill he mentioned FB Muscat of National Youth festival is the state animal of Chhattisgarh wild buffalo dancing from holding a tribal musical drum his name is been given Sunday which means friend will be a symbol of Brotherhood and friendship of all the Youth from India who is participating Hindi festival the logo of this festival is a circle with source desk in India locally call Rastogi story is also depicted Bangalore which is you Barry Prima to musical instrument of Chhattisgarh that break that takes into the the youth of Chhattisgarh take part in this festival and exhibit their skills with the performances they are going to display and also make friendship with the counter parts coming from other states of the country speaking about various schemes of the state government Dr Raman Singh that Road rail reservation culvers schools and colleges and hospitals of important for the introduction infrastructure development of the people important aspect which is related to the growth of low generations by providing them better health and better education in this reference is that in the New Year he is a state government is conducting Anganwadi this program will be held between 4th to 13 January 2006 is 16 which is named as Anganwadi gunvatta Pune and Haryana Anganwadi centres are established for the Welfare and care of the teenagers pregnant women and newborn child No1 children did last year had a number of service centres have increased from 21000 to 50 thousands and beneficiary from this sentence has increased from 13 lacs to 25 lacs the government is committed for enhancement of services industry 2010 tells that children and friends and pregnant mothers are given better services emphasize that the women 4 in every state are more worried about their family and they ignore their health during that there for government buses that the women are also given better care for which is a better place where proper nutritive food is provided to such women the government is trying to eradicate malnutrition through the Anganwadi is the last 12 years the rate of malnutrition has decreased 2:30 2% in comparison to 2052 persons year 2016 down to 25% government has made arrangements to run the Anganwadi converter online Abhiyan for which ministers parliamentary secretaries amylase and members of Panchayati Raj Institutions and female body is have been associated to go to the centre and inspect the quality of services provided there and suggest means and ways for betterment into services in this moment and children friends are providing and appreciate your services are our vocal operation government is also trying for adoption of malnutrition malnutrition child various other arrangements are also been done so that government of malnutrition to the lowest level expected the people of the state will give their foolish Corporation in Cape this week has been initiated by government of Chhattisgarh state today's broadcast the Chief Minister said that he is worried about the situation of human being faced by the farmers of the state that this is a natural calamity and we have to face that situation whenever 252 the situation the government has declared 117 classes of the state as draught affected and use baking allowed arrangements to provide facilities for learning is most like of the people of this area as government name the chief minister said that instead of 150 days now the employment opportunities will be provided to the people for 200 days and affected areas under the Malaria programme provided to the villages of more than a 30000 gram panchayats with benefit in more than 10 lakh people and they will be paid within 15 days Bishop Mr also detailed 858 areas under the provisions of RBC 64 33 percent will be provided at the rate of 6800 inch farmer and learn grade 8 non integrated Mount will be 13500 ND created it is really fair Mount the orders have been already issued the Museum on should be distributed to the farmers by the end of this month Hindi farmers of this area to make 75% of the loans given to the in the remaining 25% will be made by the government the farmers Hublot page break the farmer should have not played Baby Doll on their loss will be converted into another form of alone the Chief Minister said that trans of maize seeds Aavin provided to the farmers follicle division and little area of 20000 hectares he said he is well aware of the possibility of money being faced by the people of the state Judo the condition of draught he said that measures are 2 also necessary to re to take place and look good for being members of marriageable age Hindi families in terms of money the people will not be in a sound position that they could celebrate the wedding ceremonies update children state government has decided that the money now been given for marriage of a girl child will be raised to 30000 instead of 15000 rupees he said that farmer's friend centres have also been established products and tree which are termed as providing solutions of the problems of the farmers ND centre one can also contact over telephone therefore Kisan sunvalley Kendra have been initiated have been instructed to look after various problems and grievances of the farmers in the country appeal to the people of the state particular leave the farmers in which she said that and the life is full of happiness and sorrows together Madhuri on the equations of natural calamities which are the Big B on the control of human being one can't find out Amazon to cope up with the situations but in this situations also government is always standing with them shoulder to shoulder to provide all the necessary help to face such a such a such situations these words were delivered by the Chief Minister referring to the drought conditions state at the end of IHS this page the Chief Minister said that he will be taken to the capital of the state next month on 14 February till then he said he wishes hey good luck to all the people of the state.