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RAMAN KE GOTH : SPECIAL PROGRAMME AIRED FROM AKASHWANI : (Date 13 March, 2016, Morning 10.45am to 11.00am)
 Posted on 13/03/2016

Anchor greets audiences!

  • Hearty welcome to all of you on the seventh episode of Akashwani's popular programme 'Raman Ke Goth'.
  • Listeners! Today once again we have Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh's gracious presence on our show.
  • Large number of letters from audiences has been received, in which they have appreciated the 6th episode of the programme. This includes letters from Jogeshwar Ram Dewangan, Gandai, District Rajnandgaon, Yogeshwar Sahu, Phooljhar, District Gariaband, Bharat Lal Dubey, Sarpanch Pagbandhi, District Durg, Durgaram Sahu and Kumari Sahu, Charadongri, Pipariya, Parvati Sahu and Tikeshwari Sahu, Hisda, Atmaram Yadav, Bhanpuri, District Durg, Shiv Chandrakar, Durg Chudaman Lal Barde, Amlikhurd, Jayanti Dhruv, Patpar, District Rajnandgaon Kamlesh Sahu, Giraud, District Dhamtari etc.
  • Some of the listeners have mentioned interesting points in their letters. Rajkumar Patel from Masturi of Bilaspur district has stated that he records 'Raman Ke Goth' programme when it is aired and then on the next day i.e. on Monday he makes students of primary and middle school to listen to the programme. Deepak Sahu of village Giraud, Dhamtari district says that Chief Minister gave interesting information about 'Sakhi One Stop Centre', 'Tendupatta Collection', 'Skill Development', 'Rajim Kumbh' and also addressed students appearing for board examination, which was appreciable.
  • Kamalkant Gupta from Pipariya writes that since the day'Raman Ke Goth' programme has started, the number of radio-listeners is increasing day-by-day. And by establishing direct dialogue with people of state, Chief Minister has established his identity as 'Jansevak'. His name will be recorded in history. People are eager to elect him as Chief Minister of state for the fourth consecutive time.
  • Many such letters have been received, and subject of the letters is all the same. 2.5 crore people of state have lived the topics included in the programme, and have conveyed their feelings about the show to Chief Minister through their letters.
  • Listeners! 'Raman Ke Goth' Programme is a two way dialogue. Large number of letters received as feedback for Chief Minister's address on the show proves its success. Positive feedback and the kind of support Akashwani has received through this programme, has overjoyed us.
  • So audiences! Let's listen our favourite Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh. Mr. Chief Minister you are welcome on this popular show of Akashwani.

Chief Minister- in Chhattisgarhi dialect

  • All my brothers and sisters, friends, youngsters and elderly people of state, welcome to the seventh episode of 'Raman Ke Goth' programme. Dr Raman Singh's 'Jai Johar' to all of you.
  • I am glad to know that you all likes the topics included in the last episode of 'Raman Ke Goth' and I loved the way you have expressed your feeling through large number of letters. I have also received letters about problems, complaints and grievances of city, hamlet, locality, and villages. I have read those letters and I have forwarded it to the officials and the departments concerned.



  • Before I start my talk today, I want to share my grief with all of you. Our elders say that sharing of grief brings relief.
  • You all must be knowing that a renowned saint-poet of Chhattisgarh Shri Pawan Diwan ji passed away on March 2. Who doesn’t know Pawan Diwan in Chhattisgarh. He doesn’t need any introduction. He was gem of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh Mahtari has lost its great son. Pawan Diwan ji was not only a saint but also a symbol of public awareness. The way he used to give Bhagwat discourse in Chhattisgarhi dialect and create awareness towards culture and values in people of rural areas can never be forgotten.
  • He had given great contribution in formation Chhattisgarh state. I commemorate all his contributions to the society and pay my courteous tribute to Saint-Poet Shri Pawan Diwan.
  • While he was breathing his last, he had expressed wish for building a temple of Kaushalya Mahtari. He had said that I want Kashalya Mata Temple to be constructed in Chhattisgarh so that world may know that Chhattisgarh Mahtari has the power to give birth to deity like Ram. Such was the thoughts of our 'Pawan Diwan' ji. Kaushal Mata was daughter of Chhattisgarh. We will definitely build Kaushalya Mata's Temple and fulfill the last wish of Pawan Diwan ji. And within six months, 'Pawan Diwan Surta Granth' will also be compiled, in which his memories will be preserved.

Greetings of Festivals

  • On upcoming March 22, Holika Dahan will be done across the state and on March 23 festival of Holi will be celebrated. I would also like to mention that on March 22, " World Water Day" is observed across the world. We need to save water and to save water, we need to save trees. On "World Water Day" we should take this pledge. In every festival we celebrate, we have a message behind each of them. Though festival of Holi gives a great message of victory of good over evil. On this auspicious occasion, I request all my brethren to forget all the differences and celebrate the festival with all the enthusiasm and fervor. But do so without annoying anyone, without damaging public property, without cutting green trees, and without using chemical colours or mud for playing holi. Taking this pledge is also necessary. Because such things often leads to dispute, conflict and untoward incidents of violence.
  • Likewise,our Christian brethren will celebrate festival of "Easter" on March 27. I extend my hearty wishes to Christian community on the festival of Easter.

Chief Minister's address in Hindi Language

International Women's Day

  • I would like to share my views with you all on an important topic. A few days back, "International Women's Day" was celebrated.
  • On the occasion, we recite our pledge to respect women and to fulfill our responsibilities and commitment towards them.
  • When we use the word "Mai Logan" in Chhattisgarh, this includes mothers of all age groups. In this way, we express our respect for "Matra-Shakti".
  • Chhattisgarh has taken a number of steps towards Women Empowerment, which includes 50 per cent reservations for women in Panchayat elections, as a result of large number of women are working as panch, sarpanch.
  • We have made provision of concession in stamp duty on purchase of property in the name of women, so that their future can be secured and their confidence is boosted.
  • Women of Self-Help Groups have active participation in running ration shops, midday meal scheme, aanganbadi centres, uniform distribution etc. In this way, the divine motherly touch is adding up to the success of these schemes.
  • 'Noni Suraksha Yojana' is also being implemented in state, under which on birth of two daughter in poor family, State Government deposits Rs 5000 in the name of each daughter and keeps depositing Rs 5000 for five years, so that she receives Rs one lakh when she reaches 18 years of age.
  • State Government has made provision of free education from standard one to college level for daughters of the state. Education in Government Engineering and Polytechnic Colleges has also been made free for girls of poor families.
  • Saraswati Free Bicycle Distribution Scheme is also being implemented for girls studying in high school, and they are availing benefits of the scheme.
  • We run "Mukhyamantri Kanya Vivah Yojana' for providing support in organizing marriage of poor families. Under this scheme, there is a provision of financial aid of Rs 15000 for normal marriage and that of Rs 30000 for widow remarriage.
  • Chhattisgarh is the first state of the country, where Tonhi Atrocity Prevention Act was made in Vidhan Sabha for protecting women from atrocities in the name of 'tonhi'. Under this law, strict provisions of punishments has been made for people found guilty of tonhi atrocity.
  • Women in our state have done great works with their awareness and knowledge.
  • You all must be knowing that during Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's visit to state on February 21, he had touched the feet of Mrs. Kunwar Bai Yadav for taking blessing after her felicitation. She is the lady who had sold her goats for construction of toilets in her village.
  • When Prime Minister came to know about this, he said that he wants to meet this great lady of Chhattisgarh and expressed his desire to take her blessings.
  • A mother, who had worked selflessly, received such an honour. Her achievement has glorified the name of Chhattisgarh Mahtari.

Inauguration of Jan-Aushadhi Store

  • When Honourable Prime Minister had come to Chhattisgarh on visit last month, yet another revolution commenced on the land of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh state took the initiative of implementing 'Jan Aushadhi Kendra' for the first time in the country.
  • What is the importance of "Jan Aushadhi Kendra"? I would like to tell you that in our country, nearly 80 per cent outdoor patients and nearly 60 per cent indoor patients undergo treatment in private hospitals and 80 per cent of their medical expenses include medicines.
  • Branded and Generic medicines have same use, but branded medicines are costlier than generic medicines. Availability of quality generic medicines will benefit everyone. Keeping this objective in mind, Central Government has initiated Jan Aushadhi Store Scheme.
  • Under this scheme, there is a provision of opening Jan Aushadhi Kendra for selling generic medicines. The scheme also includes the provision of Rs 2 lakh to organizations for opening Jan Aushadhi Kendra along with the provision of Rs 50,000 as capital for running the store.
  • I am glad that Honourable Prime Minister inaugurated 100 Jan Aushadhi Kendra in state on February 21.



Birth-Death Registration

  • My brothers and sisters! I would like to draw your attention towards an important subject, which is related to all of you.
  • As per the law, registration of birth and death is mandatory. Owing to lack of knowledge and awareness, people often ignore the importance of birth-death registration, which leads to complications in future. Because 'Birth-Death Certificates' are important for each and every citizen. One cannot avail any scheme of government without birth-death certificates.
  • In Gram Panchayats, Nagar Panchayats, Municipal Corporations, Municipal Councils, al all the government hospitals across the state, these certificates are issued free of cost.
  • Registration of birth-death within seven days is mandatory.
  • I appeal you all to get birth-death registration done without delay.


Shala Pravesh Utsav/Free Textbook Distribution

  • Now I would like to talk about school-going children. This year new academic session is starting from April 1, 2016, and Shala Pravesh Utsav will be organized in schools across the state till April 13, 2016. Meanwhile, we will ensure that children of age above 06 years get admission in schools.
  • Moreover, it will also be ensured that children, who are already enrolled in schools, continue their studies without a miss.
  • I would like to say something important to parents and guardians. With commencement of new session, we are ensuring that students of 1st to 10th standard are distributed textbooks free of cost.
  • This year textbooks of Hindi, English and Urdu medium, along with that of Sanskrit medium, will also be distributed. Nearly 2 crore 91 lakh books will be distributed to 59 lakh students.


Students should not get disheartened

  • We often get to hear about news related to students. As results are declared, students, who have failed exams, often get into depression and commit suicides.
  • I want to say that failure in one exam is not the end of life, it doesn’t close all other doors success in life.
  • Move ahead in life with confidence. All the successful people have faced failure at some or the other point of their lives. Failures propel us towards new destinations of success. Do not fear, do not hesitate, do not get trapped into inferiority complex. Just go ahead and start preparing for next exam.
  • I want to say that if you have any complaints or doubt that your paper has not been checked properly, or you have doubt about the marks you have scored, you can directly contact me on number 0771-2331001.
  • I would listen to your problems and I would try my best to help you out.
  • Life is precious. Do not end it abruptly. Move ahead; world is with you.
  • Question- Honourable Chief Minister you presented annual budget in Vidhan Sabha for fiscal year 2016-17 on March 09, what are the highlights of this budget in your opinion?
  • Answer- This time we have presented budget of Rs 70 thousand crore. Education has got the most emphasis in this budget, as we have provisioned more than Rs 13 thousand crore for education. Provision of Rs 2 thousand crore has been made for drought-affected farmers.
  • The budget includes Rs 150 crores for free distribution of paddy seeds. Besides, provisions for facilitating drinking water 175 villages have also been made.
  • Another highlight of this budget is that we have provisioned RS 400 crore for rural areas and Rs 300 crore for plane areas under Clean India Campaign. Amount of subsidy for toilet construction in urban areas has been doubled and commodities related to hygiene and cleanliness has been made VAT-free.
  • This is the reason why this budget is a new hope for Chhattisgarh state, especially Bastar and Sarguja. Moreover, we have framed this budget on the vision of "Sabke Sath Sabka Vikas" so as to ensure prosperity, progress and development in lives of 2.5 crore people of Chhattisgarh. Certainly, this budget will prove beneficial for everyone.
  • Friends! I will address you again on April 10 in this programmme. Namaskar!


"Jai Johar Jai Chhattisgarh"