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18th Episode of Raman Ke Goth : Ponds are kidney of nature : Dr Raman Singh : Chief Minister appealed people to extend support in saving ponds


Raipur, 12 February 2017

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh said that ponds are the kidney of nature and emphasized on saving water reservoirs. He appealed gram panchayats, urban administration, social organizations and all the citizens to extend support in this campaign. In the monthly radio programme 'Raman Ke Goth' aired from Raipur centre of Akashwani today, Chief Minister said- In Chhattisgarh, there is a unique structure of ponds. It has historical, religious and economic importance for local population. Ponds play significant role in maintaining groundwater-table.

In his radio programme today, Dr Singh discussed in detail about the innovations being done by citizens to bring about positive change in various sectors of Chhattisgarh. Chief Minister also mentioned about the group of women in village Rasela (Chhura block) of Gariaband district, who are manufacturing CFL bulbs in competition with giant companies. He said that he was himself amazed to see the commendable work being done by this women self help group of remote forest village. Like the previous 17 episodes of Raman Ke Goth, people listened to the 18th episode of this radio programme with zeal and enthusiasm.

Chief Minister advise students to do yoga-meditation to beat exam stress

Keeping in view the time of examination, Dr Singh advised students to spare time and practice yoga and light exercises to beat the exam stress. He also motivated students to stay positive and never lose hope. Dr Singh appealed parents and guardians to maintain healthy and cooperative environment at home during the time of exams. No such functions or programmes should be organized at home that may distract children from their studies.

Emphasizing on the conservation of ponds, Chief Minister said- Ponds preserve biodiversity. Fishes, lotus, water chestnuts (singhada) etc are the blessings of ponds, which become the source of income for local people. Medicinal and aromatic plants blossom around ponds and in this way ponds act as 'kidney' of nature.

Wetland Authority constituted for ponds, Wetland policy to be formulated soon

Dr Singh said that considering the importance of ponds, state government constituted wetland authority and soon state's wetland policy will be formulated. Chief Minister also praised the efforts and initiatives taken by the renowned agriculture scientist of state Dr DK Marothiya. Dr Singh said- wetland refers to the land that has remained submerged for a long time due to expansion of ponds. Chief Minister said that Dr DK Marothiya and his team are making dedicated efforts to ensure inclusion of unique aquoues structures such as Ratanpur, Dalpatsagar and Kutumbsar (Bastar) in the world famous 'Ramsar-Site' that provides international recognition to historical places.

Ratanpur city can earn international recognition as 'Lakecity' for its network of 160 ponds

Chief Minister said- Ratanpur has a structure of 160 ponds, for which it can earn the international recognition as 'lakecity'. According to experts, there are only two places across the world with such a structure of ponds, one is in China and another is Ratanpur in Chhattisgarh. Chief Minister appealed Gram Panchayats, urban bodies, social organization and every citizen to support the cause of pond conservation. Deepening and beautification of water reservoirs should be paid special attention.

Innovation is all about making the impossible possible

Chief Minister particularly mentioned about the various innovations taking place in Chhattisgarh. He said- I spend most of my time among the public. I visit remote villages, meet people and take note of their grievances to find solution to the same. I feel the best approach for innovation is to find news ways to do complicated works in simple and easy manner. For example, when we deployed computers and information technology to improve Public Distribution System (PDS), it was innovation. When we had to lay rail line worth nearly Rs 20 thousand crore, we contacted all those organizations, which will be benefitted by this rail line, and they agreed to contribute. With this innovation, the rail line was laid without excessive financial burden on State Government. Dr Raman Singh said- Honorable Prime Minister has arranged ample funds for development of mineral rich districts through DMF (District Mineral Foundation and we have utilized Rs 250 crores from this fundfor laying railway line. How you arrange funds for a work is also a kind of innovation. Dr Raman Singh said- many echemes such as Hamar Chhattisgarh Yojana, Saur Sujala Yojana and Livelihood Colleges are the results of innovation.  He added - I have given my officials the space and freedom to do innovation and take new initiatives in public interest. Our aim is to provide best possible facilities to public in less time.

Chhattisgarh has made its own identity and earned recognition through innovations

Chief Minister said- Innovations have given a different identity and brought recognition to Chhattisgarh. The announcements I made on January 26, 2017 are also the part of initiatives to overcome shortcomings through innovations. In the same sequence, Chief Minister also talked about 'Chief Minister Medical Fellowship' programme, which has been launched to overcome the shortage of doctors in naxal-affected areas. He also mentioned about 'Chief Minister Good Governance Fellowship.

MISA Prisoners to be recognized as 'Loktantra Senani'

Dr Raman Singh said-This year on the occasion of Republic Day, we have made an announcement to increase monthly honorarium of freedom fighters from Rs 15 thousand to 25 thousand. Dr Singh said- there was a time when the democracy of our country was in danger and at that time, the ones who fought for saving the democracy were jailed. These prisoners were termed as 'MISA prisoners'. We have decided to give the title of 'Loktantra Senani' to these MISA prisoners and increase their honorarium by 50-60 per cent.

Wages of Tendupatta labourers on hike

Dr Singh said- 13 years ago, tendupatta collectors used to get wages at the rate of Rs 350 per standard sack only, which we later increased to Rs 1500 per standard sack. And recently we have decided to increase their wages to Rs 1800 per standard sack in the new season. In this way, wages of tendupatta collectors have been increased by five times. I feel it is a striking example of our efforts to follow the ideology of 'Ekatm Manavvad' given by our source of inspiration Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay. Talking about the e-auction of tendupatta, Chief Minister said that in my opinion, this is also an innovation which is bringing positive change in the lives people belonging to weaker sections of society. We have reorganized the entire process of tendupatta procurement so as to benefit the forest dwellers. Along with the income, we have also provided them with the education facility, healthcare services and employment opportunities.

New variety of Strawberry discovered in Horticulture College of Rajnandgaon

In his radio programme aired today, Dr Raman Singh talked about the new variety of strawberry developed by agriculture scientists of Horticulture College of Rajnandgaon to cultivate European strawberry on the soil of Chhattisgarh. He said- farming of this variety of strawberry on one acre of land may result in income of Rs 5-10 lakhs. Farmers engaged in cultivation of vegetables and other horticulture crops may earn good profit from the crop of strawberry. Dr Singh said- In India, strawberry is mostly produced in cold areas such as Kashmir, Shimla and Himachal Pradesh. Chief Minister expressed pleasure on selection of Dr AK Geda of Indira Gandhi Agriculture University Raipur as 'Emeritus Scientist' by Indian Agricultural Council of Research New Delhi. He said that after nearly 29 years, a scientist of Chhattisgarh has been given this honour. Dr Singh will study about the main chemical components of medicinal plant- Hadjod. Dr Geda will do research on the medicinal herbs and roots used by 'vaid' in state, but on which no organized research has been done.

Women of unknown village manufacturing CFL bulbs : Chief Minister amazed

Talking about the women self help group of village Rasela (Chhura block) of Gariaband district of state that manufactures CFL bulbs, Chief Minister said that generally I get information about women groups of villages manufacturing papad, badi, pickles, incense sticks, soaps, bricks, readymade garments, and selling them in the market, taking farms on lease to do cultivation etc, but witnessing these women manufacturing CFL bulbs in this remote forest village left me astonished. These women manufacture CFL bulbs and sell them with the same warranty as the giant companies in the market do. Not only this, women of this self help group sell their CFL bulbs at much lower price than the bulbs of other popular companies. Sai Kripa Women Self-Help Group assembles nearly 100 CFL bulbs in a day. Chief Minister said- I salute their confidence and courage. The CFL bulbs assembled by Sai Kripa Self Help Group are illuminating the ashram schools and hostels of Gariband district.

Dr Raman Singh appeals people to participate in Half Marathon to be held in Naya Raipur

In today's episode of Raman Ke Goth programme, Chief Minister appealed people to participate in state-level half marathon of 21-km to be held in Naya Raupur on February 19. He said that besides this half marathon, races of 10, 5, 3, 2, and one-km are also being organized. Half Marathon will be organized in 13 groups, and prizes worth nearly Rs 30 lakh will be awarded. First prize of Rs three lakh, second prize of Rs 2 lakh, third prize of Rs one lakh, fourth prize of Rs 50 thousand, fifth price of Rs 25 thousand will be awarded. He said that other than the sportspersons from all the districts of Chhattisgarh, national-level athletes will also take part in this half marathon. There are different categories for men, women, senior citizens and specially-abled. Chief Minister said that it is an amazing opportunity to show unity and enthusiasm for health and fitness awareness. I appeal people to participate in this event in large number and make it a huge success.