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Credit for the successful five thousand days goes to common people : Dr Raman Singh : 24th episode of 'Raman Ke Goth' from Akashwani


Raipur, 13 August 2017

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has given the credit of successful completion of five thousand days of tenure to common people of state and has expressed heartfelt gratitude. Dr Singh said- I feel fortunate that people of state have given us this opportunity to lead them. I extend thanks from the bottom of my heart to our top leadership and all the party-workers, for giving the opportunity to make my dream of serving people come true.

Chief Minister was addressing people of state in the 24th episode of his monthly radio program 'Raman Ke Goth', from Raipur centre of Akashwani today morning. This radio programme was broadcasted simultaneously by all the centres of Akashwani and various private television and FM channels. At many places in villages, hamlets and cities, people gathered to listen to Chief Minister's radio programme.

In this programme aired today, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh gave detailed information about the important achievements of his government in last five thousand days. Expressing gratitude towards the then Prime Minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Dr Singh said that Mr. Vajpayee turned the concept of Chhattisgarh state formation into reality. We all are making efforts to make Chhattisgarh an ideal state.

Chief Minister said- I am happy that we have succeeded in the journey of state and its development. Throwing light on the government schemes and achievements since year 2003, Dr Singh said- at the time of formation state budget was onlu Rs 7 crore and today it has increased to Rs 80 thousand crore. GSDP has increased from Rs 47 thousand crore to Rs 250 thousand crore. Per capita income has increased from Rs 12 thousand to Rs 82 thousand. Atal Ji led the formation of three new states in the country in year 2000. At that time Chhattisgarh had 16 districts. We constituted 11 new districts to bring government-administration services near the public. Now the state has 27 districts. Number of tehsils in state has increased from 98 to 150, Nagar panchayats from 49 to 112, municipal councils from 28 to 43 and municipal corporations have increased from 10-13. Dr Singh said that the implementation of various schemes launched by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, including Jan-Dhan Yojana, Mudra Yojana, Cleanliness Campaign, Ujjwala Yojana, is going on in full swing in Chhattisgarh.

Our Authorities is like Mini Cabinet

Chief Minister told the listeners that apart from the existing administrative system, we constituted four special authorities. Sarguja and North Area, Bastar and South Area Development Authority, Scheduled Caste Development Authority and Chhattisgarh State Rural and Backward Area Development Authority have been constituted to pave the path of development for tribal people, scheduled tribe section and other backward areas. Meetings of all these authorities are organized like a 'mini cabinet', where public representatives and officers take decisions to redress grievances.

Increase in number of school-colleges

Chief Minister said- In this journey of five thousand days, there has been tremendous increase in number of educational institutes. number of primary schools has increased from 13 thousand to 38 thousand, middle schools from five thousand to 16 thousand 500, high schools from 600 to 3715. Dropout rate has decreased from 11 per cent to one per cent only. Higher education sector has also undergone revolution. In year 2003, there was no national-level institute in state.

Number of government universities has increased from 3 to 13, while number of Government colleges has increased from 116 to 224 at present. Number of medical colleges has increased from 2 to 10, number of engineering colleges has increased from 12 to 50, number of agriculture colleges has increased from 4 to 21, polytechnic institutes from 10 to 51, ITI from 61 to 176, number of hostels and ashram schools for children of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe has increased from 1837 to 3250.

Increased Production of Electricity

Chief Minister also talked about the electricity production and development of related infrastructure. He told that electricity production in state has increased from 4732 MW to 22 thousand 764 MW. Number of High Tension Power Substations has increased from 28 to 96. Transmission lines have extended from 5205 circuit km to 11522 circuit km. State's electricity transmission capacity has increased from 1350 MW to 6350 MW. Dr Singh told listeners that in these 5000 days, average per capita electricity consumption has increased from 350 units to 1724 unit, which is highest in the country. We are providing free electricity supply of 7500 units annually to farmers of state. Number of electric pump connections has increased from 72 thousand to nearly four lakh. He said- power-cuts are the things of past for the state, which is another major achievement of state in last 5000 days.


Good Network of Roads in State

Dr Singh said- a good network of roads is being developed in state. In last five thousand days, 60 thousand kms of roads, 1200 bridges, and more than 23 thousand culverts have been constructed. To expand the rail network, PPP model based strategy has been chalked out. Previously in 150 years, only 1187 kms of road network was built in state, where as our government has begun to work towards the target of developing 1300 kms of additional rail route. Soon, many districts of state will be linked with railway facilities.

Food Security and Paddy Procurement System- the memorable achievements

In his radio programme today, Chief Minister also underlined the memorable achievement of making best arrangements for paddy procurement from farmers under support price policy and making Food and Nutrition Security Act for farmers. He said that nearly 59 lakh families are being provided rice at Rs 1 per kg. Chhattisgarh is the first state to provide its youth will legal right to skill development. Farmers are being provided interest-free loans for agriculture. Wages of tendupatta collectors have been increased from Rs 350 to Rs 1800.

Significant Reform in Health Services

Chief Minister said that in last five years, Chhattisgarh's health service sector has undergone significant improvement. New hospitals have been opened and new doctors have been appointed. IMR has reduced from 76 to 41 and MMR has decreased from 407 to 221. Chhattisgarh is also the first state of the country to provide health insurance to all the families of state through smart card. Women have been provided reservation in panchayat elections and government jobs. Women self-help groups are being provided loans at nominal interest rate of 3 per cent for various businesses and trades. Women empowerment campaign is on, under which participation of women in various government schemes in being encouraged. Mentioning about the innovations made by government, Chief Minister said that medical college in Sarguja and Bastar and livelihood colleges in all 27 districts is the symbol of our successful model of innovation.